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I'm really pleased with how well the children have taken to the Wellbeing Passport and would like to thank parents and carers for supporting the children. In my Wellbeing Lunch Club alone, the children have:

  • played pooh sticks
  • rolled down a hill
  • been paddling in the sea
  • made sandcastles
  • visited an old person
  • made a card for someone
  • made a gift
  • had a dance off
  • made an omelette
  • climbed with a harness
  • fed an animal
  • made a den
  • played Cluedo and Uno with their family members


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Mr. Lindop: Tue 21 May 8:24am

On Monday, Base 4 finished off their Tinga Tinga artwork and what an amazing bunch of budding artists we have in our midst!The children have really got to grips with the themes and style of Tinga Tinga, creating some excellent compositions, featuring African animals, bold, contrasting colours and using lots of curves and circles. Well done, Base...

Mr Lindop: Tue 21 May 8:13am

Huge well done to Charlie for his end-of-season football awards over the weekend. Also a give well done to Laura for her cricket player of the match award a couple of weeks ago. Sorry we didn't get a picture, but it great to see the sporting success our pupils are having. Thank you for bringing your trophies in and sharing with the...

Miss McKinnon: Mon 20 May 10:05pm

Base 3 have been learning all about why the River Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians this week. We talked about the many uses the Egyptians had for the Nile such as, fishing, hunting, trade, farming and transport. The children learnt why the land around the Nile was so good for farming, as well as the many uses of the crops that were grown and taken from the river. As a class, we...

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