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We are proud to be a school at the heart of its community and especially proud to actively engage in 'Wrenbury Together'. We work closely with the Doctor's Surgery and Wrenbury Nursing Home and other organisations within the community — all learning together, with and from each other.

We have worked collaboratively this summer (2021) to grow sunflowers to 'Turn Wrenbury Yellow' to brighten up everyone's lives after 16 months of lockdown. We also joined in to rai8se community awareness of dementia and made and planted forget-me-nots at the front of school.

In the past, our children have written postcards to our village friends, who live at Wrenbury Nursing Home. They have, in turn, supported us with our learning by providing an insight in to their lives, for example sharing their experience and memories of the polio vaccine when it was first introduced.
The doctors at the surgery support our learning in science and during our Health and Well-being Week.
The school and the doctor's surgery collaborate towards educating and informing our community about 'self care' through our work for the NHS Self Care Awards; with the school being awarded the bronze award in 2018 and the silver award in 2019 with our focus on immunisation and vaccines. This was recognised by PHE and we then went onto win the Community Award at the Business Education Award ceremony in November 2020.

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