Design and Technology
Mrs Turner is our D&T subject Lead. Our D&T Curriculum 2023-24 can be found at the bottom of the page.

At Wrenbury we aim for our children:
· To design
· To make
· To evaluate
· To improve
· To understand and apply the principles of nutrition, and learn how to cook

At Wrenbury, we follow the National Curriculum but use the D&T Association's Projects on our Page as the basic for planning our teaching and learning in D&T, ensuring that our children's learning of skills and techniques is progressive and builds on their prior learning and experience. Children have lessons in which they experience being able to design, learn the practical skills needed to make, can evaluate and improve upon their design or product. They have opportunities to develop their skills in the use of tools and techniques in a range of materials, work on their own or collaboratively. Where possible, the stimulus for our D&T teaching and learning is linked to other areas of the curriculum through our literacy-led Learning Journey themes to make it more meaningful and to help the children deepen their learning within the subject and across subjects. For example, D&T can often involve the children using their mathematical skills of measuring or working with shapes and angles; using their imagination and creativity as in art; applying their scientific knowledge to solve a problem; applying their writing and drawing skills to present their idea or design, using their computing skills to draw a design. When in our D&T lessons, our children are encouraged to ask themselves; 'What does it mean to be a designer and maker?' as, in our lessons, this is what they become. They understand that D&T is often about using and applying the skills and knowledge they have been taught in lessons but also bringing their everyday experiences and applying them to solving a problem, making something, evaluating its effectiveness or suitability for the purpose and improving upon it.

We endeavour for our children to leave Wrenbury feeling positive and confident about Design and Technology; whether this is in the designs they have drawn, the technical skills they have learned or a final product they have made. We want them to know that Design and Technology is all around them in their day to day lives, involves a process, can be a creative and imaginative response to a problem or the desire to make something even better in the form of a design or lead to an end product. We want them to be able to effectively evaluate their work and the work of others and have the confidence to suggest or make improvements. We aspire for them to be confident when using a range of techniques and skills to design and make in a range of materials. To this end, we wish to have nurtured their appreciation and enthusiasm for Design and Technology, for designers and makers, having extended their knowledge and skill set.

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