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Curriculum Mapping at Wrenbury

Each academic year, different sized year groups bring a change to the organisation of the class structure across school, where mixed-aged teaching is more often the norm. Each class of children is identified as a 'Base' and may comprise of a single year group or a mixed age class. As a consequence, great care, thought and reflection has to be under-taken in mapping our curriculum and the learning landscape, year-by-year, year-on-year for our children at Wrenbury.

The starting point for our curriculum mapping is our annual review of each year group's coverage (against National Curriculum) alongside our yearly subject reviews. These are undertaken at the end of each academic year (July) where we evaluate each cohort's Learning Journey overview for the previous academic year.

Collaboratively, we then track the progress through the national curriculum for each of our year groups and plan the next stage (year) of their learning journey, ensuring it builds on prior learning, knowledge and understanding.

Our learning for children at Wrenbury focuses on two questions: What does this mean to me? Why does this matter?We consider and plan how the main areas of learning can be linked together under termly, collective, overarching, whole school themes that are then appropriated to the different cohorts, making the curriculum bespoke to our school's context. Learning is led through high quality literature. Individual subject content and knowledge is woven through these themes to create the rich narrative that underpins the learning landscape unique to Wrenbury.

Each Base's curriculum can be found on the linked pages.

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