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At Wrenbury Primary School, we offer a broad, balanced and rich curriculum alongside opportunities to INSPIRE a love of learning, to promote life long learning and a sense of belonging.

We ASPIRE for our children to make a positive difference in our school, our local and wider community.

We want our children to ACHIEVE their potential by learning to learn. We do this by teaching our children how to be learners using ACHIEVE, bespoke to our school.
A Ask questions
C Concentrate and challenge themselves
H Help each other
I Improve their work to make it even better
E Engage with their learning
V Value their work, make it the best it can be
E Explore, think more deeply

Curriculum Mapping at Wrenbury

Each academic year, different sized year groups bring a change to the organisation of the class structure across school, where mixed-aged teaching is more often the norm. Each class of children is identified as a 'Base' and may comprise of a single year group or a mixed age class. As a consequence, great care, thought and reflection has to be under-taken in mapping our curriculum and the learning landscape, year-by-year, year-on-year for our children at Wrenbury. At the end of each academic year, and in preparation for the next, an annual review of each year group's coverage (against National Curriculum) alongside our yearly subject reviews is undertaken, where we evaluate each cohort's Learning Journey overview from the previous academic year.

Collaboratively, we track the progress through the national curriculum for each of our year groups and plan the next stage (year) of their learning journey, building on the children's prior learning, knowledge and understanding, where content allows or introducing the children to new learning. In the yearly overview for each base, we identify learning that 'builds on' prior learning with the initials BO and for 'new learning' we use the initials NL.

Our curriculum and learning for children at Wrenbury focuses on two questions: Why does this matter? What does this mean to me? We consider and plan how the main areas of learning can be linked together under termly, collective, overarching, whole school themes that are then appropriated to the different cohorts, ensuring the curriculum is bespoke to our school's context. Learning is led through a high quality text, supplemented with lots of other quality literature including non-fiction and poetry. Individual subject content and knowledge is woven and interleaved through these themes to create the rich narrative that underpins the learning landscape unique to Wrenbury.

John Muir, famously said: "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe".
At Wrenbury, there is an understanding that there are elements from different subjects that are often needed to be pulled together when acquiring new knowledge and understanding. This is why we believe that cross curricula learning provides a deeper context in which discrete subjects can be taught and understood.

Our curriculum maps can be viewed in the attached documents at the bottom of the page.

Each Base follows a termly 'Learning Journey', through a whole school theme. Despite the broad title given to each term's theme, there is careful thought and rigorous planning to underpin and ensure that the children are developing and deepening their knowledge, skills and understanding as they progress through the primary years.

2021-22's whole school themes are:
Autumn — Farming
Spring -The Americas — a country focus
Summer — Fantasy, myths and legends
Base 1 Learning Journey Overview
Base 2 Learning Journey Overview
Base 3 Learning Journey Overview
Base 4 Learning Journey Overview
Base 5 Learning Journey Overview

2020-21's whole school themes were:
Autumn — A sense of place; a sense of belonging
Spring- Into the forest
Due to Covid and school closure, Into the Forest was continued in the Summer term to provide quality and depth of planned learning

2019-20's whole school themes were:
Autumn Term — Explorers
Spring Term — Discoveries
Summer Term: Covid closed school

2018-19's whole school themes were:
Autumn Term — War and Peace
Spring Term — Water
Summer Term -Around the World — The African Continent linking to our Kenyan school link

2017-18's whole school themes were:
Autumn Term — Time Travellers
Spring Term — What would we do without books?
Summer Term — Around the World

2016-17 whole school themes were:
Autumn Term — Into the Forest,
Spring Term — Journeys
Summer Term — Global communities

Under normal school circumstances we would offer the following:

In addition to the Base planned learning, our Y4-6 children receive a weekly French lesson.

In addition to the planned music lessons in school, specialist teaching in music is offered through Music for Life for those who wish to buy lessons. We currently have children learning to play the keyboard, piano and guitar.

Through 'Wider Opportunities', Y3 receive a term of brass tuition during the autumn term and showcase their learning at an end of term concert for their parents/carers. All our KS2 classes have benefited from Brass tuition. This has been postponed.
We participate in Wrenbury's annual Fun in a Field for a Fiver (a community music event) in June each year which provides the opportunity for our children to perform to a wider audience. Some children sing in the community: Aston WI Christmas party; to the residents at the Nursing home in the village. These events were cancelled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic

School has been successful in sporting competitions. We endeavour to offer a range of sporting clubs and plan the curriculum so that we can compete against other schools in the Crewe and Nantwich Schools Sports Partnership (CNSSP). We encourage all our children to participate in sport and field teams of both skilled and enthusiastic pupils so that everyone has a chance to compete. We promote all sporting opportunities through the website and offer taster sessions to encourage children to take up different sports. We run a range of sporting extra-curricular activities across the year including football, netball, hockey, tennis and athletics and more recently Maypole Dancing (to entertain at Marbury's Merry Days festival).

We have achieved GOLD Sainsbury's Sports Award for the last FOUR academic years. We encourage our children to enjoy sport as a competitive activity and/or for their healthy well-being.

Y4-6 children receive a course of swimming lessons each year to ensure they are proficient swimmers by the end of primary school and, as they become more skilled, they learn life saving skills.

We take our older children on a residential to experience a wide range of activities including climbing, abseiling, zip-wire, giant chair, raft building and canoeing as well as team building and team challenges.

We invite specialists into school to support our teaching and learning in art and showcase our art through the Nantwich Education Partnership events and opportunities.

We endeavour to offer our children a range of clubs across the year that will inspire them to take part;

We teach our children how to be and keep safe in school, on line and out in our community and how to be pro-active in evaluating risks for themselves. We provide the opportunity for our children to chat to PCSO Sharon during lunchtime drop-ins and a chance for our parents to do the same at end of school drop-ins. Online Safety workshops are offered annually to all parents in the NEP schools through PC Amy Fletcher. We work closely with Wrenbury Surgery and the school has been awarded the NHS SILVER Self-Care Award. The children take part in Wrenbury Walks. Our staff host weekly Well-being Lunch Clubs for all our children from YR-6; where our children, during social eating and discussion, learn about different relationships, identifying and understanding their feelings and building friendships. We give our children a voice. Our school is part of the Cheshire East Emotionally Healthy Schools programme.

We have visitors to school who give our children an insight into the lives of others, we fund-raise, we take an active role in our local community and we learn about the wider world. In Year 6, children take on roles and responsibilities in school; they lead the Y6 Friday Assembly, children ably lead the weekly News Assembly and Y6 buddy up with our new starters to help them settle in and are their reading buddies for the year. We offer the opportunity for our more able to take part in special event days with children from other school settings. Our children know that each and everyone of them matters. We are members of Wrenbury's Compassionate Communities — Wrenbury Together. We have very good links with the doctor's surgery, the church community at St Margaret's Church in the village as well as Wrenbury Nursing Home and Broomhall and Sound Chapel. In November 2020, the school won the Community Award at the National Business Education Awards. At Christmas, the NEP schools including Wrenbury all send Christmas cards to the local nursing and care homes.

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