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The NEP — Nantwich Education Partnership (NEP)

We are members of 14 primary and 2 secondary schools in Nantwich, who work together to improve education for all children in Nantwich.

Aim and Vision

  • To celebrate differences and individuality.
  • To work together as partners for the benefit of all stakeholders.

    The NEP will work to provide support and opportunities for all individuals through the following objectives:

    1.Partners in excellence ensuring that every child matters.
    2.We are child centred.
    3.Effective communication and collaboration between all Nantwich schools.
    4.Smooth transition, particularly between schools and settings.
    5.Targeting resources at points of need.
    6.Decisions made at local level.
    7.Staff development helped by specialisms.
    8.Strengthen community links.
    9.Provide support and opportunities for all individuals.
    10.Efficient and effective use of services and resources.
    11.Our partnership celebrates our differences and individuality.
    12.Be open to different ways of working and giving students an opportunity for leadership.

  • Coming events

    Nantwich Primary Schools
    Half term
    Friday 24th May @ 3:30pm
    Nantwich Primary Schools
    Half term
    Saturday 25th May @ 3:30pm

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