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Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet or on their mobile phone? Do you know what age children should be before they have an Instagram account? If your child is on Facebook are you confident that they have set the best privacy settings? Has your child been a victim of sexting or other forms of cyber bullying? Do you know how to keep your child safe when gaming online? You'll find the answer to these and many more questions related to 'keeping safe online' if you attend the NEP's next 'Keeping safe online' infromation sharing session.

It will be held on TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY at 6.30pm at WILLASTON PRIMARY ACADEMY. This event is free and is open to all parents, carers and staff from the Nantwich Partnership Schools..

The session will be led by PC Amy Fletcher and PC Nick Jarvis.

At our last 'Keeping safe online' event held at Wrenbury led by PC Amy Fletcher, parents who attended were unanimous in their recommendations that it was a session well worth attending. It gave them valuable information to support them in keeping their child(ren) safe on line, as well as an opportunity to ask questions.

Please do let school know if you are able to attend as refreshments will be available.

Thank you to Clare Grehan, head at Willaston Primary Academy for organsing and hosting the event, on behalf of the NEP.

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