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This week, Base 4 news has been brought to you by Charlotte and Kyla...

'In English we looked at poetry and wrote a poem ourselves. We wrote about refugees from Africa flying to London. This was based upon a children's book called ' The Other Side of Truth'. We used lots of new words for impact to create a lovely poem. Base 4 has recently been preparing these for a 'Poem-Off' with Base 3 (whoever has the best poem wins). Base 4 has also been looking at a story to help them; it's about a girl called Sade flying away from her home in Africa to the polluted capital city. London. She hopes to find her uncle who is waiting for her.

In maths this week we have been looking at area and perimeter. We have been calculating the area and perimeter of a range of shapes, including triangles.

In PE we did indoor athletics. We took part in long jump, triple jump, speed bump and speed bounce. We had a great lesson.

In RE, (led by Mrs Clarke), Base 4 were learning about titles like; 'The Queen'; the children put their hands up to say what they already knew about the Queen. The reason why we were doing this was because we were learning about Jesus' titles and the titles Christians use for God. We played a game of 'Guess who?' too! It was a lot of fun! After this we had a piece of paper with titles on like 'Eternal Father' and we had to write what we thought this meant.

We also worked hard on our topic books and they look great.'

Excellent news report girls!

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