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Base 1 – Eric Carle Inspired Artwork

12th June 2024 – by Mrs Evans
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We have been reading the story 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle and have loved exploring the illustrations. We have taken inspiration from Eric Carle to create our own artwork using the collaging technique. First, we painted our own paper to create our collage pieces and then we watched a clip of how Eric Carle uses the collaging technique in his illustrations. We then put our creative hats on and got to work. I am so proud of everyone's artwork! It is amazing – take a look!

mmmmmmquotforagingquotquotthe butterfly loves the flowerquotquotthe flight of a butterfly having a partyquotquotflower academyquotquotbee beequotquotquick find the pollenquotquota flower at my housequotquotcaterflyquotquotbeauty beautyquotquotslugs hugquotquothungry caterpillar dinnerquotquotflower with the butterfliesquotquotyellow butterflyquotquotthe dragonflyquotquotsmall flowerquotquotforestquotquotlittle ladybirdquotquotflight bumblebeequotquotthe flower having a partyquotquotthe flight of the beequotquotthe bee and the patternquotquotdragonfly at a partyquotquotthe honey flowerquotquota flower partyquotquotflowerquotquotthe three little flowersquot
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