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A lovely week in Base 3 this week. Everyone has been working really hard with their learning and trying their very best. If we continue with this determination we will succeed!

In Literacy this week, we have written a recount of Noi's day from the Storm Whale in Winter. We started out by planning what had happened during his day in stages, starting a new post-it note to show a change in time, setting or event to support with our paragraphing. We then explored time adverbs and chose appropriate ones to fit with each stage of our plan. Following this we were then able to look at a good example to support our writing and then write our version of Noi's day as though we were Noi. Everyone tried hard to include time adverbs along with other adverbs, prepositions and plenty of description. Once we had completed our writing, we self-assessed it using a success criteria identifying what we had done well and what we could do to improve, which we then did. We then turned to the next page in our book to find Noi having to venture onto the frozen ocean, we then asked the question, 'Should Noi go out onto the ice?'. To answer this we started to discuss, practicing our speaking and listening with a conscience alley and plan out arguments for and against it ready to write a balanced argument next week.

In Maths we have been putting our times tables knowledge to the test, with learning how to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using formal written methods (grid and column). Once we had mastered the concept of written multiplication, we then started to apply it to a range of different problems to embed our understanding further. Next week we will be finishing off written multiplication and then moving onto a range of mixed problems that include mental multiplication and division and written multiplication.

We have our first page of our topic books completed, which is our research about famous explorers who took various journeys around the world. Everyone worked really hard with their presentations and our first page is looking great! Next week we will be doing some artwork that will link to our historical research.

On Tuesday afternoon it was E-safety day; year 4 spent the afternoon in Base 4 and year 3 remained in Base 3 to learn about how to stay safe on the internet. In Base 3 we learnt to not share any personal information on any internet site without permission from an adult and that we should use a nickname when playing any games. We also learnt that we can't trust anyone on the internet as we can't be sure who they might be and if anyone did speak to us we must tell our parents straight away. Please remember that whilst the internet is a fantastic resource, it can also be a very dangerous place, therefore it must be used safely and responsibly.

Thank you to all of the grandparents who joined us for lunch on Wednesday; it was lovely to see you and I hope you enjoyed having time with your grandchildren and looking at their work! It was lovely to hear the children sharing their learning with you.

Next week is the final week of this half term. Don't forget the continue to learn spellings and times tables, whilst also reading as much as possible. We also have swimming next Friday afternoon so make sure you don't forget your kits!

Well done Base 3, keep up the hard work!

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