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Another wonderful week in Base 3.
Refugee Week! We began our week with our assembly about Refugee Week. Having listened to the story "My Name is not Refugee" we took one page of it which introduced us to the idea of what it would be like to live in a place with no running water and where there was no-one to collect the rubbish — in fact if you could live somewhere like that. The children were very resourceful with their ideas and though they'd find their way to the nearest river to get water — they then realised that this, in fact, may make them ill! They decided it would be horrible to live somewhere like that and they would probably leave and move somewhere else. From this we went on to create our 'rubbish' art work. The children created a collage out of rubbish they had collected and then we attached a tap to the artwork to represent the lack of water. They made a really good job of the art and work well together as a team.
Also, we watched an animation of a girl called Carly who had to leave her home due to water. The children were asked to retell the story, they did a fantastic job of this using super vocabulary and really showing how far their writing has progressed through the year.
We had a special delivery in the middle of the week, thanks to the Midwinters a sarcophagus arrived at school. Friday afternoon a task force was set with the mission of painting it in the style of Tutankhamun's. It is well on its way to being amazing!
In Maths, we spent time outside gathering data about how far we could jump and how many times we could bounce a ball on a racket. We then turned that data into graphs.
Our Learning Journey books are coming on nicely; the children are working so hard to make them a joy to behold.
We are all very much looking forward to enjoy our next week of learning together.

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