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Week 4

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Another week has gone by at Wrenbury, we have pond dipped, created great dens, ridden bikes and even enjoyed doing our maths and English.

When we pond dipped we found frog spawn, tadpoles, frogs, water lice, caddisfly lava and even black leeches! We worked hard at cleaning the pond of its weed while still taking care of the animals in it. We also watched some birds on the bird feeder and hunted for bugs.

We have also enjoyed playing on the bikes and making dens – it was harder than we thought and a great deal of problem solving was needed but in the end we were happy and the dens were fantastic. We also used chalks to make a house; we had bedrooms- some even had balconies! We also had the most wonderful bathroom with amazing blueberry bubble bath, goggles and rubber ducks! A perfect house – if it wasn't made of chalk!

We hope that everyone is safe, well and happy. Please keep sending in your pictures and updates- they are so nice for teachers and children to see. Lauren sent in some of her project work which was lovely.
The teachers have also received some lovely letters from the children, keeping us up to date with what they have been doing. These are really special, thank you.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, take care and stay safe.

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