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What a lovely few days in Little Wrens 2 . We have been reading a wonderful book called 'Stardust', from this we have been focusing on space. We have painted our own planets after looking at pictures of the ones in our solar system- Saturn was the children's favourite. We used a range of materials to make different patterns, the allium head that we used made a wonderful pattern. We have also made space packs — so that we can blast into space to explore! The children created their own space craft made of boxes; these had their own control panels and gadgets to help them when they were in space. We had our own space control, made space food and learnt some songs — we sang 'Five little men in a spaceship' in our zoom assembly today and shared our 'Recommend a Read' — with everyone sharing their favourite space book of the week.
We had a wonderful time! See you all next week when there will be more space treats in store!

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