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12th July 2018 – by B Cador
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Today there has been a wonderful, quiet energy around the school building and so many smiles!

Continuing with our focus on a Healthy Mind and Healthy Body, we were joined by a number of parents first thing to take part in our Wrenbury Walk. They enjoyed experiencing the wonderful, relaxing way we are finding a bit of calm and quiet in our busy school days.

Miss Phillips' sister, Katherine, was in school all day – she is an anaethetist and is able to teach First Aid and obviously knows so much about the human body. All the children had a great time learning with her and from her in their different sessions across the school day.

In Base 4, the children had a great time creating their biomes. You can see their designs and finished biomes in the photos.

And in Base 1, the children were busy helping with tidying up and looking after their outdoor learning space.

We've tried to capture aspects of the day for you – enjoy today's gallery!

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