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Well, what a busy week we've had in school this week!

We've been recapping our learning about time, practicing the days of the week, months of the year and converting between different units of time.

We looked at writing descriptions of a setting based on a beautiful book called The Promise by Nicola Davies. It's a beautiful story about spreading joy and happiness in a "mean and hard and ugly" world by planting and nature.

Linked to our story, we spent lots of time outside exploring and classifying different leaves from around the school grounds.

We then learnt and tried out some sketching techniques. We learnt about critiquing and improving our work using the ideas from Austin's Butterfly. It's been a really useful technique and the children have seen a huge improvement in their observation and sketches. Give it a go at home together. We have some children who can really observe like scientists and artists!

We've also been learning about the importance of hygiene and hand washing as well as getting used to our new routines. The children have been superstars in adapting to a different way of working and Mrs. Clarke and I, as well as all the Wrenbury staff have are proud of them all!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Enjoy the artwork.

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