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I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It is lovely to share the following catch ups at the start of Week 7...

From Stephanie, Lorelei's mum...
Hello all, I hope that you are all keeping well and safe. Lorelei is missing seeing you all. She is working well at home but she has said that she is missing Miss McKinnon and her lessons. Over that last week, we have been doing a little science experiment, growing crystals. Lorelei has kept a watchful eye over the week to see how much it has grown. Yesterday was the last day of her experiment. She was over the moon with how much the crystals have grown. We have attached a picture of Lorelei with the crystal. This morning Lorelei has been very busy writing interview questions for her Uncle Darron who lives in Scotland. She thought that the best way to learn about Scotland was to ask someone who lived there. Then today at lunch she has interviewed Darron. She has learnt lots of interesting facts. Lorelei has asked that once she has finished her research about the other countries of the United Kingdom to do a presentation about what she has learnt and will send it to our families. (Once she has done this we will send you the video to see everything that she has learnt so far for geography.) Another little project that we will be doing with Lorelei and Karl is a talk show, this will be a video that we will be sending to our families. She will have to do a lot of research about topics she would like to include. Again we hope you are keeping well Lorelei — your crystal looks amazing! I'm glad you are enjoying your geography research — I'll look forward to seeing you video presentation. Your talk show sounds like a lot of fun! Some lovely ways to keep in touch with your family, Lorelei. Well done!

From Amberley, Harry, Freddie and Olly's mum...
Hi all, hope you are well! The boys have all been busy following the National Academy scheme of work. Olly has written the story of The Three Little Pigs, he used a word bank for very tricky words and his phonic knowledge to write the rest. He was so proud of his work! He has also been finding one more and less. Freddie has written instructions to make a Disgusting Sandwich, as you can see from the picture, tea and biscuits are helping him along! He has also used a metre stick to find objects around the house that are smaller and bigger than a metre (Fortunately I had a metre stick in stock!) Harry has written a lovely poem and has been calculating perimeter and area. He made a bagpipe out of a rubber glove, drinking straw and a drain pipe. He worked out that by blowing into the straw and pulling the glove right over the pipe, it causes a vibration which makes a noise. The bonus is, it makes a rather rude noise that all the boys find hilarious! We've also had fun cycling! We're missing the sunshine this week and everyone at Wrenbury! Stay safe everyone! X Olly, you should feel very proud of your work! How disgusting was your sandwich Freddie? I hope you didn't follow the instructions and actually make it!! Mr Lindop's band is growing! I can just imagine all the giggles you had when Harry played his bagpipe glove — something like a whoopi cushion I wonder! It's making me smile just thinking about it! Mr Cador and I went for a bike ride yesterday — it's was a lovely way to get some exercise and also to enjoy the countryside — you looked like you were enjoying yours!

From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...
Hello, hope you had a nice weekend? Today we have been colouring in our own Spitfires and learning all about Morse code. Maisie has written a letter to her friend and can't wait to drop it to her tomorrow.
Take care x
Did you see the two spitfires that flew over Captain Tom's house to celebrate his 100th birthday, Maisie and Oliver? Morse code messages are great fun aren't they!Miss McKinnon has put some VE Day ideas together — (being uploaded to Home Learning shortly) — you may like to try some of those too.

From Lorraine and Richard, Eva's mum and dad...
Hi Bessa, Hope everyone is keeping well. Eva has been enjoying her time outside a lot, going on her scooter, lots of bike rides, looking after the veg patch and helping in the garden. She has really enjoyed looking after the seedlings she planted and they are now out in the raised bed. She has also sorted out her outside den making it into a secret hideout! Since the weather has changed she has loved drawing and playing in it with Liv, whilst sheltering from the rain. Eva has been practising her baking skills over the last couple of weeks by making bread, cookies, chocolate cake and scones. We've also had a few birthdays during lockdown and she loves making cards and cakes to celebrate. She is continuing with Khan Academy and enjoys watching the BBC Bitesize lessons, making notes and writing up what she has learnt. Finally she has been reading lots and is pictured with some of the books she has read over the past few weeks. Take care, Wow, Eva — you look like you can definitely join our Wrenbury Bake Off bakers and good to see you have green fingers like Oliver! I'm going to write you a Headteacher Award for being Star Reader — that's a fantastic selection of books you've read. I wonder which was your favourite and why?

I have to say a very big happy birthday to Eben...Alesha told me today! I hope you had a lovely day, Eben! It was lovely to say hello to Emily today and to Mia's mum.
Do keep sharing your catch ups. Keep safe and take care. Bessa

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