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This week we have been taking our science further by learning how nutrients are delivered to cells in our bodies. Firstly we looked at at how the colour from a skittle reacted when placed in water- the colour seemed to make it way from the skittle and into the water. We then discussed how and why we thought this occurred.
After this experiment we broke down the shell of our egg by submerging it in vinegar to allow us to carry out our second experiment. After a day we were left with our egg simply in its membrane. We then placed these in water with a skittle — which represented our nutrients in our first experiment. Would the colour from the skittle (representing out nutrients) be able to enter the egg (acting as a cell)? Take a look at the pictures to see!
What a fun way to learn about osmosis. The children had some very interesting questions and lots planned to carry out their own experiments at home.

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