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Characters from lots of different story books arrived in school this morning and they looked fantastic! It was as if all the characters from the books in our class libraries had come to life. They all met in the hall in readiness for the start of World Book Day, which coincided nicely with our whole school Spring term theme, 'Where would we be without books?'

Charlie Bucket's granny (Mrs Cador) began by sharing the story, 'The importance of being Ernest the earwig' about an earwig who was very sad that earwigs are never included as characters in children's stories. All the children sat and listened earnestly, whilst looking at the illustrations on the big screen, as Ernest found his way into lots of stories: Treasure Island; Alice in Wonderland; The Wind in the Willows...

Then Gangster Granny (Mrs Charlesworth) read her little girl's story 'Little Red Reading Hood'. It was a lovely story told in rhyme.

We have set up a World Book Day competition. As we love reading books for pleasure, we'd like our children to write their own stories for others to read for pleasure.

And now...enjoy our photos!

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