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Wow- what a day! We just have not stopped. We started our day with the giant swing, the children were a little apprehensive but they loved this- scoring it a huge 11/10! Some children, who had been a little nervous at first, asked to go higher on their second go.
After this we went canoeing. We learnt how row, to turn, do a 360 and we even played suck-in-the-mud on the lake. This was another favourite of theirs.
From this activity we went to archery and leant how to shoot a bow and arrow. There were many 'bullseyes' ; I was very impressed as were the children.
Then we travelled to trapeze, this one really pushed the children and they rose to the challenge, overcoming nerves and going that extra mile.
We also had a lovely dinner and enjoyed team games, hot chocolate and a story to end the evening.

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