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Base 3 have been working very hard on applying their learning in history to write poetry. We hope you enjoy reading Nathan's poem. Be has a few gory lines but then the Romans were known to enjoy watching gladiators fight!

A ' Magic Box' Poem

I will put in the box
Crowds shouting 'occidere' (kill)
Blood dripping from the back of an unfortunate victim,
Lions pouncing on their prey and ripping their flesh.

I will put in the box
Marching legionaries holding heavily forged weapons for war,
Roman soldiers ready for sparking sword fights and pugio stabs,
The clunking of lorica segmentata and the deafening chanting, 'sin, sin, sin dex sin'.

I will put in the box
Glistening warm water from welcoming Roman baths
The perfumed lavender smell of olive oil on a rich Roman lady who is having a massage,
Bad, hideous smells from the xylospongium.

I will put in the box
A Roman feasting on some honey flavoured glis glis
Garum being smothered on a piece of bread

I will put in the box
the Roman years
800 BCE when they ruled the amount of a city
133 BCE when they ruled the entire country Italy
237 BCE when they conquered a lot more

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