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"Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed your festive break and that you were able to spend time with family & friends, without too much impact from Omicron. For me, 2022 starts with becoming Chair of Governing Board for the School, something I'm proud to be able to do.

Having served as a Governor at Wrenbury School since the beginning of 2017, I have been a part of a wonderful period of development and progression for the School. Through this period School has undergone lots of improvements under the leadership of our outgoing Chair, Jenny Davies, and our Head, Bessa Cador with tremendous support from all School Staff and the Governing Body. From a 'requires improvement' School with financial deficit and reducing pupil numbers, the last 5 years has seen the School achieve an Ofsted rating of 'Good', Pupil numbers increasing and a healthy budget. We have seen the establishment of Little Wrens and The Nest which contributes so much to the community and to the future of the School.

I'm delighted to say that, while stepping down as Chair of the Governing Body, Jenny will be staying involved in the School as a Governor so her huge experience, knowledge and passion will not be lost to the School. I'm sure all of you will join me in saying a huge 'thanks' to Jenny for all that she has contributed to the School these last 7 years, and in wishing her all the best.

The last 2 years has shown us that we can take nothing for granted. The Pandemic has had a major impact on everybody. Pupils, Parents, School Staff and Governors, we've all been impacted and indeed this week we are seeing fresh impact from Omicron as the School reopens. While the School has coped admirably, it demonstrates the need perhaps to be really clear about the School's future plans, priorities, mechanisms to cope with whatever might happen next with the Pandemic and to safeguard the wellbeing and attainment of our Pupils as well as the wellbeing and personal / professional development of School staff.

I believe that there are many parallels between the NHS and Public Health, where I work full time, and Education. Balancing educational outcomes with the experience of being in school (for children and colleagues working in School) with the need to use public resources in the most effective way is essentially the same challenge our Health System faces. Both are impacted by the pandemic, and both have a huge role to play in how we are able to recover from pandemic. I went to school in a small, rural primary School not very far away, so I appreciate how important the School is to the local community and surrounding areas.

And so, as Chair of the Governing Body, I believe I can provide, effective strategic leadership alongside Mrs Cador and the governors as the School moves into 2022, helping to define our plans and our priorities for the coming months and years as we learn to live safely with Covid while at the same time ensuring the School continues to grow in whatever ways best serve the community, our children and our staff. Given the ongoing uncertainty relating to Covid-19, I'm sure there will be many challenges ahead and so balancing our ambition to move forward with the imperative to deal with the here and now and recover from the impact of the pandemic will require careful consideration.

I am passionate about enabling great outcomes, a great experience for all and making best use of the resources we have, and so I'm delighted to have the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the Governing Body in a School where we all matter, and where we seek together to Inspire, Aspire and Achieve.

Wishing you all the very best in 2022"

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