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Maths Investigations

11th March 2020 – by R Charlesworth
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Investigations by a Yr 5 pupil;

"This morning there was a calculation on the board; 2³ x 4³ =? I did the sum and then realised that it equalled 512 which is 8³. Then I thought 2 x 4 = 8 so I tried this with others e.g 6³ x 3³ and the same thing applied. Then I tried the sums 4² x 6² = 576 (24² ) again the same thing occurred."

All of this was done without a calculator and with the power of enquiry.

We believe asking questions and leading our own learning is so exciting and so important for our children. Please take the time to question our children about what they are learning, about the questions that their learning is creating – I promise you will be amazed at their response!

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