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30th January 2024 – by Miss Phillips
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Base 5 have had a fantastic day at the World Museum in Liverpool. The children were fantastic throughout the day and had a great time learning.

We began our day with a workshop, where we discovered some fantastic artefacts from the Ancient Roman and Ancient Greek periods. We became archaeologists and had to wear gloves so that we didn't damage the artefacts. Within this, we had to decide which artefact was what and what the artefacts told us.

We were then able to go to the exhibition of 'Return of the Gods'. They had statues of many of the Greek Gods with plenty of information about each one. We were blown away with what we found out and I was amazed with how well the children engaged with the information.

Because we had some time before lunch, we had the opportunity to to explore the prehistoric and evolution floor and the space and time floor.

Thank you Base 5 for such a great day out with so many learning opportunities.

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