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Dinosuar End of Wk 4 021
Dinosuar End of Wk 4 018
Dinosuar End of Wk 4 015
Dinosuar End of Wk 4 007
Dinosaurs Week 4 261
Dinosaurs Week 4 356
Dinosaurs Week 4 319
Dinosaurs Week 4 209
Dinosaurs Week 4 338
Dinosaurs Week 4 262
Dinosaurs Week 4 328
Dinosaurs Week 4 363
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Dinosaurs Week 4 402
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Dinosaurs Week 4 343
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Dinosaurs Week 4 244
Dinosaurs Week 4 223

This week flew by.... We have been stomping, swishing, flapping and charging! Here is a snapshot of our week.

We enjoyed sharing the story, 'Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp'. We explored new vocabulary in the story, such as striding, gnawing, gulping, charging, swishing and armour. We then had lots of fun moving like the different dinosaurs. We also explored instruments, and enjoyed creating sounds to imitate the different dinosaurs. I think banging the symbols together to sound like a T-Rex was our favourite sound!

In our mathematics sessions, we have continued to focus on learning about number 4. Using blocks, we looked at different ways we could make 4. Our older children have also printed a 4 picture.

To support our physical development, we have enjoyed a Wrenbury walk each day, it is always lovely to chat to the children on these walks and talk about all the wonders around us. We have had some equipment for our outdoor environment (thank you Miss Phillips), we have been learning to balance on stilts, bounce, kick, throw and catch a ball.

We have also learned how to draw a dinosaur, printed with dinosaurs, taken part in our daily phonics and dough disco sessions, threaded to make a dinosaur, completed activities to develop our fine motor skills and learned about the character strength 'bravery' in our myHappymind session.

Next week, we are going to explore the Chinese and Lunar New Year.

I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.
See you tomorrow,
Miss Gregory

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