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This week has whizzed by...

To support our literacy skills, we have continued to retell the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bear. To support this, we created a story map. We were encouraged to recall and sequence the story. The children then enjoyed creating their own story maps during provision time. I have been very impressed with their efforts. We have also been working hard to recognise our names from a group and some of us have been tracing our names — wow!

To develop our communication and language skills, we have played a memory game. Using props from the story, we named the different objects , closed our eyes then had to say which object was missing. We found this quite easy, so I removed two objects, this was a little trickier for us but we worked as a team to work out what was missing — good job everyone!

To enhance our physical development, we have enjoyed taking part in yoga sessions and we have been using scissors to develop our cutting skills.

We have continued to compare size in our mathematics sessions. We enjoyed sorting objects into groups of big, middle sized and small. It has been lovely to hear the children using new vocabulary to describe size this week, such as huge, massive, tiny, medium, bigger, ginormous.

Within our personal, social and emotional development, we have explored emotions. We talked about how Baby Bear might have felt when Goldilocks ate his porridge, broke his chair and slept in his bed.

The weather has been the focus of our understanding the world development. We have been very excited by the frost and ice and we have been noticing changes around us. We will explore this further next week.

Friday was a magical day in Little Wrens. The children were very excited to learn that we had had a special visit from one of Santa's elves overnight. He left us a new story, an advent calendar and a Christmas tree. Sadly, the tree is empty, so the elf has set us a task. Please can you make a decoration for our tree? I look forward to seeing all your creations and adding them to our tree.

I'm sure the magic has continued this weekend with the arrival of snow. I look forward to hearing all about your snowy fun tomorrow.
Miss Gregory

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