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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ....blast off!!! We have launched ourselves into space this week becoming superstar astronauts making our very own space station. The children enjoyed designing their own rockets using and naming various shapes. We have loved constructing rocket jet packs and control boards with our junk modelling, we then used these in our imaginative play.

We watched a clip of a rocket launch and recreated the sounds ourselves through music ...we were so loud we nearly launched the whole school into space! We have loved singing space themed rhymes, making up our own dances and sharing space story books.

We have made and labelled our own healthy astronaut packed lunches to take on our journey. The children have discovered a new planet and named it Goonagand, apparently it snows on Goonagand! we indulged in some sensory play with shaving foam, rocks, gems and cotton wool balls ... great messy fun!

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