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Sorry for the delay in getting these to's been a busy day! I also forgot to make the last post live this morning!

From Gemma, Dom, Stanley and Sofia's mum...
Morning Mrs Cador, I hope this email finds you well? Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know what we are up to. The children have been fantastic with their attitude towards learning at home and we have been on a walk down the canal which is keeping us all exhausted!! They start the day with Joe Wicks exercise and then they do a general knowledge quiz that Gary sets them the night before. They love researching the answers on the internet. Favourite question and answer so far.... What is 3.142? Stanley — a decimal number. He isn't wrong bless him. This week they have mostly been reading for long periods which is so important and takes their minds off what is going on. They have, at times, been very anxious about recent events so I find reading is the best escapism for them. Thanks and keep well.
A general knowledge quiz is a great idea! Lots to find out and will be great for future pub quizzing (10 years or so!) The staff have been quizzing together remotely — all good fun and keeping the team spirit up! The children look really engrossed in their reading — totally agree that reading helps us all escape from our worries.

From Sam, Lauren, Sophie and Joshie's mum...
Good afternoon, Today we enlisted the help of our neighbour to set a quiz for the children . They had great fun drawing round Joshie and then competed to locate and label the organs of the body and its bones!
Joshie has been hard at work with Daddy learning how to measure and use tools safely to make his very own chair for his tree house. The children have also enjoyed playing with and making their own basket ball set up too. Take care all,
The Agnews x

Another great quizzing idea to share. I hope your chair wasn't too big or too small but just right Joshie! Mr Cador will be delighted that basketball is being played!

From Victoria , Emily's mum...
Today Emily saw a real life Tiger in our garden. We were able to see the Tiger in 'augmented reality' and took a picture. Emily then looked up facts about Tigers and wrote about her new pet in her project book. She's called 'Stripes' and has sharp teeth. (See pictures attached). If anyone wants to have a go at this you just have to type an animal into Google from your mobile phone (there are only a few animals — lion, panda, tiger, wolf, alpine goat, angler fish, emperor penguin). Click on the 'View in 3D' button and voila! Only works on iPhones 7 and above. But you can see them all in life size. Great fun. Missing you all! X. Emily, weren't you scared? incredible is phone technology. And your facts are fantastic — great learning today!

From Erica, Livvy's mum....
The last few days have mostly been spent outside in the glorious weather. Livvy has enjoyed playing a few games of scrabble in the evening and is coming up with some fabulous words. Outside we have been learning about shadows for her science project, jumping on the trampoline and practicing her hand eye coordination as she bounces a cricket ball on a bat. Yesterday we had a history lesson online where we learnt about the Wrens and Waafs who worked from a secret WW2 bunker in Liverpool, it was fascinating and we are looking forward to visiting when we are allowed out again! Finally how beautiful did the school look today with the blossoms and blue sky❤ Miss Phillips will be really pleased that you've been busy getting on with your shadows project Liv- what a brilliant few days to do it with the glorious sunshine. School may be very quiet but you're right Erica, we are blessed to have such a 'pretty' school in such a wonderful setting — the spring flowers at the base of the silver birch tree (planted by Mrs Roberts) look lovely!

From Nic, Kimberley and Declan's mum...
Hello Mrs Cador and all of our Wrenbury family. We can't believe we are approaching the end of the first week off. We have enjoyed the weather this week and spent a lot of time in our garden. Today we have dismantled, moved, and rebuilt our raised vegetable/plant beds, and came across a newt (we think). Kimberley then proceeded to give us a lesson in types of habitat and why this one suited the newt, this was a topic she particularly enjoyed learning about with Mr Lindop, especially as she wanted to find spiders in their habitats... knowing mummy is not a spider fan!!
Declan was super at helping with heavy lifting, shoveling soil and moving the wheelbarrow back and forth because Daddy can't. Their hard work was topped off by fun and games in the garden, including a game of twister. They said that it reminds them of playing with their friends in the Nest, and they hope to be able to do it again soon.
On a school work note can I just say a huge thank you for the effort that all the staff put in at such short notice, to be able to provide a range of tailored work to keep their little minds ticking over. I have to say Khan Academy has been a huge hit in our household, particularly the fact it comes with little tutorials to give them the confidence to be able to complete the tasks. Once again thank you to every single member of staff, we hope to see you soon, and I know Kimberley and Declan can't wait to be reunited with their friends. Stay safe everyone 😊

Gosh, you have all been really busy...I'm sure Twister was as much fun as in The Nest and there was lots of giggles and bursts of laughter! Wow — a newt — now that's exciting! The garden has been the best place to be with this glorious weather! Enjoy the family time.

From Becky Charlesworth, Annabel's mum...
Annabel has created some 'stone age' cave paintings!!! They're a great idea and a lovely, bespoke addition to your garden Annabel! Well done!

From Michelle, Henry's mum...
'Experimental den building' Hope your keeping well x
My kind of fun and learning, Henry! You'll be in demand as an environmental engineer in the future — keep enjoying the problem solving!

From Rebecca, Constance and Wilfred's mum...
Hello, Constance and Wilfred are missing spending time with friends so much that we decided to invite some special friends over for a tea party in the garden. We all had a very lovely time and then all sat and read in the sunshine. They are also really enjoying Joe Wicks in the morning and Wilf has enjoyed showing us 'Shake Breaks' like he does in Base 1. All the best . What a great way to involve imaginative but meaningful play — great for Wilfred and fun for Constance. It's lovely to see so many children from Wrenbury loving their reading too.

From Sam, Scout's mum...
Good morning! We hope everyone is staying well. This week we have been enjoying some science with Captain Fantastic, playing in the sunshine with bubbles and getting creative on our aqua doodle mat. Scout says 'I miss playing with all my new friends, they are the best; and my teacher is the best teacher yet.' I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything during Scout's transition into your school. He really has started to come out of his shell and is loving school again. As parents we no longer feel guilty for taking him, as he walks in and out smiling. (Most days.) We can't wait to see how he will grow once the children can return. We're all delighted to have Scout join our Wrenbury family with you, his family. Just sad it has only been for a short time before school closed. Keep looking at the newsfeed post and reading the messages and it will help Scout feel 'closer' to every one at school. Captain Fantastic science lessons sound great! I'm sure others will look into these.

From Nikki, William's mum...
William and Nikki doing the joe wicks work out xx. I'm impressed Nikki...I've avoided it every morning in school — think I'm more of a Green Goddess workout girl — my age!!

Thank you everyone for sharing your day with us...staff are looking at the posts and Miss Mckinnon has just emailed to say that seeing all the messages and photos has made her realise how much she is missing her class. Won't it be fantastic when we're all back together!! It may be a while BUT keep sharing and the days will fly by!
Take care and stay safe. Bessa Cador

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