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Healthy Mind and Body Week

We are all looking forward to our school's focussed week on a Healthy Mind and Body. Miss Pitchford and the Wrenbury Team have organised a packed week of acivities, visits and visitors to help all the children learn how to have and keep a healthy mind and body. Both are essential for personal wellbeing; something we have as a high priority at Wrenbury through our 'We all matter' ethos.

We are launching the daily Wrenbury Walk on Monday and parents are invited to join us at 9am for our Thursday Wrenbury Walk around the school grounds — a great way to start the day, so do stay and join in!

There will be:

  • Exercise classes led by Jen, a fitness instructor
  • Yoga taster sessions
  • An anaesthetist (Miss Phillips' sister) in for the day teaching the children first aid
  • Self Check assemblies led by our Self Check Champion — Mrs Rowlands — we're aiming to gain the Bronze Award! You can learn more at our Sharing Afternoon and at the Parent Picnic Lunch.
  • A question and answer assembly with a Junior doctor from the Wrenbury Surgery
  • Visits to the doctor's surgery for two groups of children: KS1 and 2
  • A healthy eating diary kept across the week.

    as well as our weekly and well-established well-being lunches.

    I'm sure it will be a fantastic week of learning for all the children (and staff). A huge thank you to Miss Pitchford for her role (and time) in organising the week, many thanks to the Wrenbury Team for supporting her with contacts and every one who is contributing to make this a fantastic week for the children.

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