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Thank you for all your lovely emails, messages and photos this week. I hope you are all keeping well and adjusting to life at home on a school day. We miss you all.
And now to our catch ups...enjoy!

From last night. From Elliw, Lily's mum...
Good evening everyone at Wrenbury school, just wanted to say a big thank you again for all your support at this time.
We've been looking at the website today and Lily got to see what all her friends are upto ❤️ she misses everyone terribly! Lily told me last night when we were talking about people's jobs that she wishes to be a teacher when she's older, but a kind teacher like the ones she has at school. It's things like this that make me so happy to have found your amazing school.
We're glad you found us too!

From Jenny, nathan and Laura's mum...
Laura and Nathan stayed up to clap for carers — this is for Reefe and Taylor — we think we might have heard your fireworks too. Yay! It was worth staying up for and being part of something so special!

This morning
from Jo, Louis-Rose's mum...
Hi Bessa, Hope you and the staff are well. We have been alternating outside learning with some core subjects, thank goodness for this beautiful weather!! We are taking the opportunity to improve her handwriting. Louisa-Rose has also been enjoying Times Tables Rockstars and is determined to get that cheetah!! She has been missing her friends, but they have been keeping in touch on WhatsApp video calls and letters to each other. Hope everyone stays safe. I think I'll have to start playing TTRS. Mr Lindop plays! I've heard that Harry C in B4 is very good...competition starts!! Did I spot Lego in the photo? We love Lego at my house!

From Liz, Lillie's mum...
Hello everyone! Lillie has had a lovely day today — working hard on her maths this morning followed by a little me time in the sunshine! Sending lots of love to you all xx Ooh bubbles in a paddling pool — what a treat, Lillie!

From Amberley, Harry, Freddie and Olly's mum...
Harry, Freddie and Olly baked flap jacks this morning. They enjoyed reading the recipe, following the instructions, weighing the ingredients and lots of mixing! Afterwards, they wrote their own recipes. They could be on the Great British Bake Off — I hope they got chance to eat it too, Amberley, once it had baked!

From Leisha, Oliver, Willow and Chloe's mum...
We've had fun watering flowers and cars and on the slide and in our sand pit Lots of lovely play in the sunshine.

From Katie, Matthew, Scarlett and Belle's mum...
After some time in the garden Matthew & Scarlett did some of the work that has been set for them. Well done! Miss McKinnon and Mrs Dopierala will be really proud!

Can I thank you all for providing the children with a really lovely balance of learning and play both inside and outside. It really will help their (and your) well-being to be outside as much as possible. It will lift their mood and spirit, free the mind of worries and when they then come in, they'll be ready to do a little bit of the learning we'd like them to do.
Do keep sharing your photos and messages — you are keeping not only my spirits up but keeping our school community together!
Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe,
Bessa (Cador)


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