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The summer term sees staff and volunteers running an array of clubs, both at lunch time and after school, to support and promote our children's interests:

  • Board Games Club
  • Homework club
  • Rounders Club
  • Archaeology Club
  • Athletics Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Band
  • Cricket
  • Needlecraft
  • Choir
  • Wellbeing Lunch Club (whole school)

A very big thank you to everyone for offering their time and sharing their interests with our children.

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B Cador: Wed 08 Apr 6:01pm

It's again another lovely sunny day and great to see our children and families embracing the weather and making the time away from school fun with an emphasis on the children's well-being and being happy — so important!From Sarah, Maisie and Oliver's mum...Hello,Hope you are all well? Just a little catch up, we have been enjoying the sunshine and learning our fractions.Maisie and...

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Mr Lindop: Tue 07 Apr 2:25pm

We've had a lovely day today at school. The children did some yoga this morning and listened to a story read by David Walliams. We then played beautifully together outside.In the afternoon, we set up outside the outdoor classroom in the sunshine and sculpted some Easter crafts out of clay ready for painting later in the week. There was also some excellent wreath making going on too...

B Cador: Mon 06 Apr 9:20pm

I hope you enjoyed the warm sunshine that crept through during the day.From Rachel, Reuben's mum...Hi, hope your ok. We've had quite a good few weeks. Reuben's doing well with his times tables, he's a lot more fluent with them. I got him some activity books age 6-8 and he's doing quite well , we've also done loads of baking, painting and jigsaws (jigsaws seem to be his...

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