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15th January 2021 – by B Cador
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The Rotary Club of Nantwich is looking for laptops and tablets

Do you have a laptop or tablet that you no longer need? One of our local computer shops, The Laptop Shop, has kindly agreed to renovate, upgrade and securely wipe (if necessary) for school use. They will then be donated to local schools for children who have no or limited ability to access to home internet learning. If the computer is not suitable then it will be recycled responsibly.

If you have any unwanted laptops or tablets for donation, then please ring the Rotary Club of Nantwich on 07973635794 or email tony.hoy@btinternet.com and collection will be arranged. If easier, you can also drop them off at The Laptop Shop, 91 Hospital Street, Nantwich CW5 5RU (but please ring Peter on 01270 620770 first due to Covid restrictions). Thank you


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