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Another lovely week in our key worker bubbles in school this week!

In Base A, our year threes have been taking our writing about portraits last week one step further in art by creating our own self portraits. We used charcoal and rubbers to look at light and shade from black and white photographs of ourselves. The children learnt that it took a lot of observation and perseverance, but they did so well and some fantastic results.

We also did some descriptive writing based on an image of children travelling to school through the jungle by boat. We created our own stories and used our imagination to think of what problem they might encounter and how they might escape.

Amelia did some lovely work on Star in the Jar, linking in with the space theme the Little Wrens have been doing. She made her own star, sorted moon rocks and made her own rocket ship and starry background for her role play corner. Go Astronaut Amelia!

In Base B, we've been doing some BIG art, creating our own shells. We studied different types of shell in great detail before using straws to construct a frame and add layers of paper around the outside to create the contours and textures of the shells. We then painted them to look like our shells. Some really impressive artwork. Well done Base B.

The children have also been creating eBooks on creatures they are interested in finding out more about and working hard on their maths and mental arithmetic.

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Please read the Warn and Inform letter attached to this page alongside the information below. Thank you.As you are aware the number of cases in school has risen. We have been assured by the local authority and Public Health England that our protection measures are robust and have been asked to remind parents of the routines:ยท We continue to ask parents to adhere to the one way...

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