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This week I have taken a step back and really watched you as a group; working hard, being very focused, asking learning questions and working as a team- you have made me feel very proud. You really are grabbling learning with both hands and taking charge of it. I hope you are proud of yourselves too.

This week we have continued with our work on fractions, we have done a lot of busy, active maths sessions and really enjoyed these. We have shown that we can order, compare, simplify , add and subtract fractions to name but a few of our skills!

In English we have been exploring a new reading text; 'Skylarks War' , which the children have really enjoyed- they have been excellent detectives and have been able to really 'get under the skin' of the text. Base 5, you have shown a really deep understanding of this text, well done! In our writing we have been creating our own reports based upon the disappearance of Bobo's (Gorilla Dawn) dad. We have been really involved in this as the children do not believe what the reporters have written!

As well as this we have been swimming, supported our buddies, been to PE events and enjoyed RE lessons to mention just some of the other activities we have been doing this week.

Base 5, have a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday!

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