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This week you have been simply amazing, excelling yourselves in every lesson. Well done! Base 5, you have really shown me that you know what is is to be a mature learner, really considering how you each learn as individuals and you have then used this to tackle the problems and challenges that you have been set this week. As a direct result of this your work has blown me away! I am happy to say, that is has blown you away too- there has been so much praise between each other regarding learning and there have been so many 'I've got it, I've really got it!' moments. You have all shone so much.
This was also noticed by John who came to deliver our STEM project on Tuesday who sent me an email saying:

The behaviour and work ethos of your pupils was exceptional, all worked very hard during both the demonstration and practical phases of the workshop. In short they are a credit to your school, the staff and of course themselves. All pupils contributed very well, were fully engaged with all activities and managed to design and build a boat that we were able to test. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school, the pupils were a joy to teach and work with

In our writing we have continued to look at the character of Shrike from out story- a half man, half robot who is chasing after the character of Hester. We have used art, music and reading to help us really picture this character and as a result of all this the writing has been amazing. The writing the children have produced really deserves to be published- so here are a few snippets, published:

"On the rusty, corroding catwalk stood twin heavy-duty boots. On top of them, hydraulic legs hissed with every inch of movement. Choking wires fused the legs to the torso which, in turn, was entwined into the ribs. Nestled within them, a once-human heart was forced to pump thick and heavy black oil. Arms that seemed to be pushed out of the body were animated into life by oil stained cogs."

"On the oil stained ground stood a rusty boot. Above this dirty, oil stained boot stood a tall titanium leg. Wires sparked as his cracked legs took another step forward to hunt for the girl. Charred marks stained his rotted thighs as cogs clanked against his vile, dirty legs. "


"On the heavy, grey ground there stood black boots. Upon these boots stood a long, dark leg. Shrike's broken, black ribs were tangled by writhing wires. His dead heart only pumped darkness and a will to get to Hester. Underneath his hollow, dark shoulders there were wires everywhere, scattered and sparking." William

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