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Another week full of fun with Base 5! It isn't every day that you get to say that you put your teacher in the school pond! The sculptures that the children created got their stilts and were very carefully installed in the school pond — according to the plan we had created last week. The children are very proud of them and have really enjoyed the project, if you get a moment when dropping off or picking up go and have a quick look at their final sculpture; a haunting image of a town swallowed by rising waters.
This week we have also been very excited to receive our pen-friend letters from Kenya. The children were just wowed and truly enjoyed every second of reading them. We were taken aback when we thought that, not that long ago, the chidlren in Kenya were doing exactly what we were doing- enjoy, laughing being excited by the letters that WE wrote- it was quite a special moment.
As well as all this, the children have been writing some simply outstanding story beginnings based on our new class book. I can honestly say that they have left me stunned- well done guys! In maths we have been working on all things decimals; place value, x and รท, turning decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals and we have been working on some tricky problem solving. We are getting better every day and explaining why we believe something to be true or false in maths.
These are just a few snippets of what we have been up to. Let's see what next week brings!

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The children in Base 4 have been getting creative and engaging their inner designers this first week back.We've been designing moving bridges, like the cantilever lift bridge in the village. We looked at different designs of moving bridge from around the world. We then designed and built our own designs. It was great to see the different designs the children came up with, including lift...

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What a fantastic start to the term the Y3's have made! As part of their Africa — Ancient Egypt focus for the summer, we briefly looked at and discussed Tutankhamun's death mask before moving on to explore the ceramic masks of a contemporary artist, Kimmy Cantrell.We had a great few days of investigating his ideas, designing and creating our own in his style. We're really proud of...

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