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This week was a busy one- particularly for Year 6 as they had their SATs, I want to say well done to them for being so calm and focused during these. However, SATs were not the only thing have done this week, oh no- we have been busy with so much more!
In our history we looked at real Roman coins which were almost 2000 years old. The children enjoyed being able to hold them and look closely at the images. Base 5 are fantastic historians, they ask great questions, can compare and make predictions using their knowledge and information and sources that they are given. They have been considering our enquiry question; 'Did conquest make or break Ancient Rome?' Please ask them their thoughts on this, it makes for a great debate!
As well as this we have been working on 3D art, using different materials to create a dragon (similar to Smaug from The Hobbit) which looks like it is moving. We have crated the basic form of the dragon and have painted it in gesso in readiness for painting on Monday. I have to say that they are looking fantastic.
Our writing this week has also been fantastic. We have used two exciting adventure stories to inspire us to write our own and I wanted to share part of one written by one of the children...

This isn't just a silly child's story, oh no, it is a tale that is so much more. However, this is filled with dark days, bad people and a poor lonely girl.

On one of the darkest of nights, when the wind whipped up and the clock struck two, a song that had been heard only once before, many hundreds of summers ago, was heard over the seas. This was a cry that would change the lives of Omo forever.

On the top of a rocky cliff stood a fearless, smiling youngling, her dress flowing in the wind. Holding a staff in her hand, she looked up and her black eyes reflected the moonlight while her brown, plaited hair swayed behind her gently in the wind, the scar on her eye shaped like a dagger. A first lay behind her, eerie and mysterious. The dark oak trees seemed to sway but there was no wind and no one was near but the leaves still crackled and crunched.

The next sun rose and a few hours passed. The market was open. She had to go. Pacing down the dark alleyways, Jenny felt a cool breeze tickle her neck. The scents of fruits and spices washed over her, changing her mood; she was happy once again even if only it was for a few hours.

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