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Base 4 Viking day

4th February 2020 – by Mr Lindop
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Today, as part of History week Base 4 were transported back in time as we were visited by Adrian who showed us what life was like for the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

The children made some fantastic discoveries as part of our learning journey this term, learning about clothing, food, games, hunting and weapons from these two eras of British history. We played some traditional Viking games, wrote our names using runes, ground barley into flour using quern stones and even got to try our some Viking and Saxon armour and weapons (carefully)!

Huge thank you to parents and FOWS for supporting us in enriching the children's learning through this workshop and to Adrian for coming and sharing his knowledge and his brilliant artefacts with us. The children learnt so much during their day and had a fantastic time. There were lots of great questions and smiles by home-time. Enjoy the photos.

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