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This week has been all change in Base 4, as on Tuesday and Wednesday we spent time in our classrooms for next year.

We had a creative and mysterious couple of days with Mrs. Charlesworth as we paper mach├ęd and painted some giant air haven balloons. Mrs. Charlesworth told us about 'air havens' from a futuristic story, but wouldn't tell us what the book was. We can't wait til next year to find out more about our class novel in Base 5.

Back in Base 4, we studied coordinates in Maths, practicing plotting on the x axis and y axis. Our geography work has seen us using our research skills to find out more information about South Africa ready to present as a poster next week.

We've also had a lot of fun in computer science this week. We've been using scratch to design and create our own chase games. We've had to code sprites to move around using buttons on the keyboard and to chase another animal around the screen. We definitely have some talented computer scientists in our midst and it's been great to see the creativity the class have shown.

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Today, we learnt about what happened at the start of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain. What better way to show how Britain was open to invasion after the Romans departed than two adapted games of "Capture the Flag."Well done to our brave Britons who tried all they could to defend the country! They were exhausted by the...

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Another great news assembly led by our Base 5 news team. We learnt about Mary Seacole, discovered a great Lakeland walk over Helvellyn and looked at some great work completed by scientists on the Thwaites glacier. We also celebrated some pupil news, and Marloe received an award for beating Mr Lindop in a TTRs rock slam! Another great assembly — thank you...

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: Mon 27 Jan 11:58am

Sophie read some of our class story today- we really enjoy listening to each other when we...

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