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Well, what a busy first full week base 4 have had!

This week in maths we have been developing our place value and addition and subtraction knowledge- you have all worked so hard on this, well done.

In literacy we have completed our Windsinger tower descriptions which are fabulous, Base 4 have thought very carefully about their word choices to make sure the reader gets a detailed image of the tower in their heads. We have also begun our next unit of work; we have been interviewing the characters in our book to get the best gossip for our newspaper report writing!

We have also been very busy with our science this week, dissecting flowers to discover the parts within them, whist finding out what these parts actually do. We have also been artists; creating scientific illustrations of our findings.

In Design and Technology we have been beginning to look at sewing and have tried out a few stitches to discover the best way to sew together our patchwork quilt, with the support of Mrs Mansfield.

In computing we have been coding and de-bugging; something the children really enjoyed.

And if all that wasn't enough, we have even been swimming!
Well done Base 4, you must be exhausted!
Mrs Charlesworth

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