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16th March 2018 – by R Charlesworth
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Base 4 have been budding scientists this week. We have been investigating states of matter, what they are and if/how they can change. After discussing their ideas on the subject, the children planned and carried out their own experiments; they wanted to see if, when they mixed different solids and liquids, they could change a solid to a liquid. After much experimentation (and a little mess) the children came to the conclusion that although the solid seemed to have now 'become' a liquid, it hadn't actually changed state – it had dissolved. After this, the children then used what they had learned to plan their next experiment – to change a solid to a liquid!

We have also been completing our historical research. In teams, the children have been researching a period of history of their choice – one they are interested in or simply want to find more about. They have created fact cards which are lovely; we now have a class covering a range of key periods in history.

In English we have been shocked and intrigued when reading reports on plastics and the impact they have on our environment. Did you know that a nappy will be on this earth for approximately 450 years? We have been collecting information and ideas from these reports, whilst looking at the way they have been written. Next week we will write our own reports – I can't wait to see what the children create.

In maths, Y5 have been looking deeper into multiplication and division – investigating more complex word problems and finding prime factors. Yr 6 have continued working on key arithmetic skills and then looking at reasoning and problem solving – some have been very tricky this week. We have learned that is very important to make sure we read questions we have been given carefully! Mrs Cador and I both fell into the trap of not reading a question carefully but Mrs Clarke came to the rescue! Base 4 have also enjoyed a class session on Times Tables Rock Stars today – they had such fun playing each other and they all came so close on the leader board!

Thanks for a fabulous week, Base 4! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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