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Another busy week in Base 4.

We've been working on our new science topic looking at the properties of materials. We've tried to figure out what materials would be best to rebuild the fence at Sawubona Game Reserve from our story after an elephant escaped! We've had some good fun investigating and testing the properties of our materials.

We've also been leaning about measure and converting lengths between cm, m and km. I've been impressed with how well the children have been pushing themselves to interpret what the word problems were asking them to do.

In our English, we explored the ideas of freedom and captivity. After a "bonus playtime" the children quickly realised my trick as we went from having the freedom of the whole playground to ending up trapped in a small corner for all of us to play in. The children used some great words to describe what they experienced, such as cruel, confusing and fearful. A great set up for our writing. Well done Base 4!

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Mr Lindop: Sat 15 Jun 8:32pm

We've had a great time this week in Base 4. We've continued out work on properties of materials, investigating thermal insulators, dissolving and methods of separating materials. The children made some fantastic observations when finding out if materials were soluble or insoluble and lots of scientific inquiry was on display. I was impressed with how well the children used the...

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: Fri 14 Jun 6:50pm

We have been budding scientists this week. After reading our class text 'The Garbage King', we decided that Mamo needed a new mattress as we felt that a straw one probably wasn't that comfy. Before we could even think about making them, we needed to investigate the properties of the materials that we found on the 'garbage dump'. We couldn't make a mattress without...

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Mrs Holdsworth: Fri 14 Jun 4:34pm

We've spent a lot more time than normal inside this week in Base 1 thanks to all the wet weather, but this has meant that we've had a chance to explore our new 'construction zone'. We have created a space where buildings and models can be kept on display when they are finished. To earn the right to do this the children must write a sentence or a label about their model and display...