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May the force be with you!

Base 4 have had a great week exploring forces in our science week. We've been learning about the pull of gravity and its effects on objects with different mass. We measured the mass and weight of different objects that appeared the same size and then saw how deep a crater they made in sand.

Then we learnt about water resistance and used our knowledge to design and create canal boats for the Institute of Civil Engineers. We discovered that some boats were quicker but able to carry less cargo than other slower designs.

It's been assessment week this week and Base 4 have responded well to their tests that we've worked through. We've got a good idea of what we can do well and what we need to work on between now and the end of the year.

We also did some writing based on the Little Boat animation, describing the journey from the boat's perspective. Some children came up with some incredible descriptive writing from this. Issy brilliantly up-leveled one of our sentences:

"As it sailed through the gloom, the little boat gazed up in wonder at two neatly pruned bushes, not noticing it had knocked some clothes off a washing line."

On Friday afternoon, we were very pleased that some of our book orders from our homework last week had already been delivered ready to read next week. Base 4 have been asked for homework to go onto the Lovereading4kids website to search for some inspiration on books they may like to read.

Finally, a huge well done to Base 4 on winning the golden ticket for attendance this week. We can still catch the front runners before the end of term, so let's keep going!

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