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20th June 2018 – by R Charlesworth
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This week was 'Refugee Week', we all looked at the book 'Don't call me Refugee', each class focused on a page and our page was...How far could you walk? Base 4 decided that this had a hidden meaning. They decided that it was clear that you need food and water and rest but that you wouldn't get very far without love, encouragement and a good mindset. We created range of questions and we decided to investigate the following:
Does our mindset truly impact on what we can achieve?
These were some of the children's thoughts:
- Mindset is something you have to work on so that in itself is an achievement
- Your mindset can be good but things can chip away at it.
- Everything fades but gradually it will return
- Is fear stronger than mindset?
- If it is written into your mind like a book you think it is safe but it can be written over.
- If you give up halfway through you would never know what is around the corner- you may be almost there.
- Your mindset can grow and change as you grow and change.
At the end of the session 81% of the children thought that mindset does impact on what we can achieve.

We also worked extremely hard on a piece of reflective art work; an eye is a window to your soul. Just look at the outstanding work that the children produced. As it is the 20 year anniversary of 'Refugees' we also looked at other important anniversaries such as the NHS, suffragettes and the RAF.
Well done Base 4, your work is incredible.

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