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Another busy week was had last week in Base 4. We had a lovely start to the week as we watched Key Stage 1's final dress rehearsal of their Nativity. It was a lovely chance to see little brothers, sisters, cousins and friends performing.

We had a big writing week as we experienced what the bombardment and attacks would have been like in the trenches. Having turned our classroom into a battlefield through upturned tables, "barbed wire" chairs and our imaginations, we wrote some fantastic pieces from soldiers' perspectives:

"A drizzle turned to pouring rain. I'm already soaked all over. Day after day, rain drenched all of us. It's hard to take my mind off this horrific wasteland so for a minute, I focus on my breathing. Why did I take a second to think? Why didn't I ignore the poster and keep walking" — Belle

In RE, we have been finishing our animations. It was great to see a lot of hard work come off as we watched through some of our creations on the board.

We've also been putting together our learning journey books. It's been fascinating to recap just how much we have learnt about World War 1 over the last term and we're looking forward to sharing everything we've learnt in our books at the end of term.

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B Cador: Fri 03 Apr 6:47pm

Thank you so much for your catch-ups today. Lovely to get news from friends we've not seen for a while too! EnjoyFrom Lesley, Laura and Charlie's mum...Hi Bessa, We've got the banner up. We made a 1:10 scale plan for the design first (bit of maths!) then painted it and got it up this evening. Hope you approve x I definitely do! A huge rainbow of hope — what a great way to recycle...

Mr Lindop: Wed 01 Apr 8:50pm

We now have 4 tournaments running on TT Rockstars across 4 classes. I thought I'd share the scores at the midway point.Remember, you have until 1pm Friday in Key stage 2 and Monday afternoon for year 2. The winners will be announced for each class and also the most valuable players on the website next weekKeep on...

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Miss Phillips: Wed 01 Apr 4:07pm

Base 3, don't forget to go onto TTRS to practise your times tables, do sound checks, earn coins and compete in the Base 3...

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