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An incredible maths week in Base 4. I've been blown away with how engaged everyone has been and showing how much we all value the work we are producing. Great work Base 4.

We've been investigating the number 1914 all week, as this was the year that Ernest Shackleton set sail on the Endurance. We came up with as many facts as we could about the number, partitioning into thousands, hundreds, tens and ones, finding 2 factor pairs and creating addition and subtraction calculations to make our number. We all had great fun trying to represent the number as many different ways as we can, even using our measurement facts to create 1914 pence and 1914 grams.

In English, we've been writing the first part of our diary, learning about the structure of a diary entry and using fronted adverbials to help the reader. We've also been looking at how we can write powerful sentences to communicate how our crew member is feeling as the ship departed with some amazing results. Freddie created this stunning sentence:

Concerned, worried, hopeful, I heard the wind whistling through the sails of the Endurance.

Great work, Freddie.

We've been working hard on learning journey this week. We learnt the difference between primary and secondary sources and how historians use different sources to learn what life was like. We sorted some primary and secondary sources about the Endurance and then used them to tell us what life was like on board as the ship approached the Weddell Sea. I can't wait for next week when we find out the next part of the journey.

Have a great weekend, Base 4!

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