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Wow, what a week!

This week we have been very, very lucky to have our incredible local artist Sarah Capper from Doodleicous art join us. We started our project this week by learning how she became an artist with her own business. The children were inspired by Sarah, wowed by her artwork and intrigued by the business side of art too. The children explored some of the art, looked at past sketch books and asked Sarah many questions about how she got to the place she is now. Many of the children went home and began drawing and Freddie shared his new sketch book with us, filled in detailed drawings of fruit focusing on colour and pattern. It is wonderful to see the children so inspired. We will continue this project next week where the children will begin their own drawings with the guidance of Sarah.

As well as this, the children have been using computer technology to create their own maps of the UK, looking at the topography of our county. The children worked very hard, in pairs, to create a map which would help the reader see with ease the changes of landscape in the UK and I have to say that I am very impressed with the results.

In English we have been writing our own version of the story and once again I can not help but be impressed by all the children who are confidently using a range of techniques to make their story engaging for the reader. The children too have been proud of their work and are looking forward to reading them to the class next week.

In maths we have been looking at money and decimals and combined this with problem solving — we know that the key to this is place value and as the week has progressed the children have become far more confident. As always we have been developing our arithmetic skills, working on speed and accuracy while learning a few new tricks to help us with our mental arithmetic.

We have also had a PSHE session focusing on young carers and how they support others and are supported themselves. This was really insightful and the children were very enthusiastic and engaged in the lesson. The children have also enjoyed a lovely PE session in the sunshine, celebration assembles, an assembly learning about diabetes and, my favourite part of the week, book club.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

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