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We may have only had a four day week but we managed to cram in lots of learning this week.

In Literacy, we have been continuing to look at writing information text ensuring that we have used heading, sub-headings, paragraphs, technical language while at the same time extending our sentences with conjunctions and experimenting with a wide variety of sentence openers. The children have made huge progress with the quality of the writing they are producing and have listened carefully to all the advice they have been given and used it to improve their work.

In Maths, we have been continuing to work on addition and subtraction. Focussing on estimating the answers has helped us have a clearer idea of answer we should expect to see. Following this we have been using inverse operations to check that we have calculated the solution correctly.

Last but not least we had a fantastic day in Chester. The children were all beautifully behaved and a real credit to themselves and the school. They demonstrated lots of knowledge that they had already gained as well as asking questions and exploring answers to extend this learning further. Exploring the Dewa Experience exposed us to some really interesting facts — the children found the food and medicine section especially interesting! After lunch we went on patrol with our own Roman soldier. Learning how to march and form a Testudo was lots of fun.

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B Cador: Fri 03 Apr 6:47pm

Thank you so much for your catch-ups today. Lovely to get news from friends we've not seen for a while too! EnjoyFrom Lesley, Laura and Charlie's mum...Hi Bessa, We've got the banner up. We made a 1:10 scale plan for the design first (bit of maths!) then painted it and got it up this evening. Hope you approve x I definitely do! A huge rainbow of hope — what a great way to recycle...

Mr Lindop: Wed 01 Apr 8:50pm

We now have 4 tournaments running on TT Rockstars across 4 classes. I thought I'd share the scores at the midway point.Remember, you have until 1pm Friday in Key stage 2 and Monday afternoon for year 2. The winners will be announced for each class and also the most valuable players on the website next weekKeep on...

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Miss Phillips: Wed 01 Apr 4:07pm

Base 3, don't forget to go onto TTRS to practise your times tables, do sound checks, earn coins and compete in the Base 3...

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