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Another week has flown by in Base 3! The children have been working extremely hard in their Literacy lessons. We have been looking at how different characters feel at various points in the story to help us empathise with them. We have also been putting ourselves in their shoes by acting out conversations that may have taken place during the story. Leading on from this we have been looking at how to use speech in our writing.

In Maths we have continued working on place value, this week focussing on rounding numbers and using our problem solving and reasoning skills. You Tube has come to our aid while we were trying to make our times tables more fun and exciting to learn. Singing these songs on a daily basis has already had a very positive impact on the children's times table test results — they seem determined each week to improve — I've seen real resilience and resourcefulness in their attitude to learning.

On Thursday we took advance of the sunshine and set up our shadow stick so that we could further study 'Light' in Science. We tracked the path of the sun throughout the day. The children had lots of questions as to why the shadow had moved but yet also grown longer and shorter throughout the day. We also taking the opportunity to go on a shadow walk, drawing and examining all the different shadows that were to be found around the playground. We will be looking into the answers to these questions during Science this week.

We are already looking forward to continuing our learning journey next week as well as welcoming you in on Wednesday to our Base 3 Parents Lunch.

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Mr. Lindop: Fri 14 Feb 3:08pm

A huge congratulations to blue team who won he most house points this week. Fantastic work as well to all our achieve, star learner and reading award winners.Finally, well done to Base 5 for winning this week's attendance golden ticket with 99.3%Have a fantastic half term. Don't forget your reading challenge, rest and enjoy...

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Wrenbury's new KS2 school council met for the first time at lunchtime today to start work on their plans for the rest of the year.Our reps from Base 3, 4 and 5 discussed their role, how they will listen to their classmates and discuss what they would like to improve the school and how they will work together in meetings.The council decided they would elect a chairperson who would make...

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: Wed 12 Feb 1:47pm

We had a great week celebrating history throughout school last week. Every class used their historical skills to research and learn all about significant people that have made a significant difference to us. The children then presented their learning to the rest of the school at the end of the...

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