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We've had another busy week in Base 3.
In Literacy, we have been looking at newspaper reports. Having looked at how newspaper reports were structured last week, we had a bit of fun with alliteration this week creating fabulous headlines for our article about Romulus and Remus. It was a challenging task this week as we had to report on the fight between the twin brothers which ended with Remus being killed and Romulus going on to create Rome. We had to do more than just retell the story — we had to imagine we had interviewed eye witnesses and use phrases such as 'it is believed that...' and 'eye witnesses reported that...'
In Maths, we have begun to study multiplication and division and how they are so closely connected. We have been using arrays, Cuisenaire rods and bar models to help us picture how a multiplication sum is created. We will continue to look for patterns with these throughout the next few weeks.
Sound is our new area of study for Science and we began by exploring musical instruments to see if we could discover how sound is made. We found out that vibrations need to be present for sound to be made — some times we are able to see the vibrations while sometimes we can feel them. We had fun outside moving around like we thought sound waves moved and then inside we acted like sound waves to discover how bats are able to fly around in the dark. Finally, we created our own sound waves using a ruler and a marker pen.

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Miss McKinnon: Fri 15 Nov 3:58pm

We've had a fantastic time exploring the numbers 10 and 100 this week. Please enjoy the pictures from number...

Mr Lindop: Fri 15 Nov 3:41pm

An incredible maths week in Base 4. I've been blown away with how engaged everyone has been and showing how much we all value the work we are producing. Great work Base 4.We've been investigating the number 1914 all week, as this was the year that Ernest Shackleton set sail on the Endurance. We came up with as many facts as we could about the number, partitioning into thousands...

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Miss Phillips: Fri 15 Nov

We have had a school full of fabulous numbers and objects linked to maths! Thank you for making our number day so successful!Every base also met their number challenge and shared everything they learnt about their class number to the rest of the school. What a lot of fabulous maths...