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The story machien

Another great week in Base 2! The children have all been working exceptionally hard and will definitely be ready for the half term break next Friday!

We have worked on multiplication and division in Maths, ensuring we understand the concept of both, applying the strategies that we know to work out answers and then applying these to problems, some of which had more than one step. We have worked very hard on this all week and the children's hard work is clearly paying off when completing independent maths questions.

In Literacy, we have read the rest of 'The Story Machine', learnt the story and story mapped it using pictures in preparation to write our own version of the story adding in extra detail and description. All the children are showing a very good understanding of what a story is and the structure of stories.

We have also been reading a wide variety of texts this week and answering a range of different questions. We got the large books out and read these, exploring the text and looking at some questions that needed us to use the text in order to answer them. Next week, we will be exploring a brand new text that will lead some of our Literacy work.

Next week, we will continue to put our Maths skills to practise using a wide range of questions and we will also be producing some excellent pieces of independent writing. We will also be starting our new topic properly next week, starting with the geography of Peru.

Friday's picnic lunch was lovely and it was lovely to see so many of you joining us for lunch. The children very much enjoyed having all the adults in school and were able to share that special time in the lovely sunshine! Thank you to all of those who joined us, it was a very successful lunch, enjoyed by all!

The children are working very hard in school, so please ensure they are still getting plenty of rest at home and are being able to play outside in the fresh air. Keep up all of the hard work Base 2!

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